X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1968 RIC Boy Reissue!!

X-Plus pulls out another surprise reissue with the RIC Boy Toho Large Monster Series 25cm Godzilla 1968 with Minya!! This is great news for collectors as they will not have to pay an arm and a leg for this with the price set at 15,984円 which is about $140. This is also perfect timing to go along with the soon to be released 25cm King Ghidorah! The release date is scheduled around the end of January 2015. Preorders are open on the RIC Boy site and the the preorder window closes on December 8th. Don’t wait to grab this guy so use what ever resource you have to get it. Also, keep in mind, this will not be for sale on any sites like Hobby Search or Amiami. This is a limited RIC Boy run and the RIC Boy site is the only place to get it. So have it guys, go get some Fresh Vinyl!!

 photo 5EE95C61-9DBC-4E79-ACAA-9C7A4E3C32E6.jpg



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