The Unboxing of King Ghidorah

Unboxing of the X-Plus 25cm King Ghidorah. Jeez…do you have a horror story about unboxing your King Ghidorah?! Leave your story in the comments section!!


One thought on “The Unboxing of King Ghidorah

  1. I suppose I was lucky, since my AmiAmi-sourced King Ghidorah wasn’t that badly damaged. One of his horns was dented, which would not have happened had AmiAmi used an actual cardboard box to ship this figure, but nothing broke off.

    Still, I’m very disappointed in AmiAmi. I’ve made tons of orders with them over the years–model trains, PVC anime figures, X-plus Gigantic-series Godzilla 1995–and they’ve always done an acceptable job of packing my stuff. This time, it feels like they didn’t even make an honest effort to package a high-value item correctly. Not fresh!

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