New X-Plus Announcements!

X-Plus has announced two reissues for March 2015!

Coming from the 25cm Large Monster Series is a reissue of the 1968 Anguirus RIC Boy packed with the Moonlight SY3! The RIC site is listing this reissue at 12,312 Yen which is about $110! Great price for a RIC Boy!


From the Real Master Collection comes a reissue of the 30cm Gamera 1999. The RIC Boy Exclusive is a light up gimmick plasama fist! Gamera is listed at 29,700 Yen which is about $243!  This is also the first time X-Plus is releasing a RMC figure as a RIC Boy Exclusive, let alone with a light up feature!


Interested in buying these guys?! You can do so through Mike Johnson. Well now how the hell do you do that?! Simple…read this simple ordering process I have provided for you here.


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