Fresh Vinyl Month in Review: January 2015!!

It has been a busy start to the year for X-Plus. What we are going to do here is look back on the month of January 2015. X-Plus seems to be getting busy with new releases, reissues and more over in Japan. X-Plus is really starting 2015 off with a bang. Coming off the heels of 2014 and right into 2015, the last release of 2014 was the Toho Large Monsters King Ghidorah. The release of the 25cm KG had a handful of issues from broken heads, necks, legs and horns. It was pandamonium across the X-Plus community! Once it was all said and done, collectors that had purchased the 25cm King Ghidorah with issues upon their unboxing did not wait long to bust out the Krazy Glue to fix their figures. X-Plus e-mailed me apologizing for the lack luster release of KG but no need to worry when the figure is able to be fixed.


At the end of 2014, X-Plus announced a reissue of the RIC Boy Exclusive 25cm Godzilla 1968 w/Minya! That figure was just released and is currently making its way into collectors hands as you read this! A question I was pondering in my thoughts was if X-Plus was going to use the standard 25cm box for this new reissue and they are! So the 25cm G68 is exactly a reproduction in every manner as the original release from back in October 2012! I am pretty damn happy to see this figure reissued because this will help the current crop of collectors pick this up for a great price at a whopping $136. That is WAY better than the crap you see on eBay if you ask me!

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.54.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.54.51 PM

Guess what?! Another awesome reissue was announced in the month of Janaury!! This time we are seeing a reissue of the 30cm Gigan 1972 and it is being released exclusively as a RIC Boy only! The RIC feature will have a light up visor gimmick. Me personally, I am extremely excited for this release because I need the 30cm Gigan to add to my 30cm line up. Yes, I do not own a 30cm Gigan 1972 figure at the time of this writing so this is a great reissue for me! I also love the RIC light up feature too. A light up visor!? Bad ass!! Gigan is slated for a late February 2015 release and X-Plus has priced the figure at about $185!! Great price and I am not complaining!!


Even more reissues!!! Next up for a late April release (I know! So far away!) is a reissue of the Toho Large Monster Series 25cm Anguirus 1968!  Awesome right?! What is even more awesome is that this reissue is also the RIC Boy which comes with a mini Moonlight SY3 ship from Destroy All Monsters!! Totally awesome. Anguirus is listed at about $104! That is a friggin steal if you ask me! If you do not own this figure already, now is the time to pick it up!!!


From the Real Master Collection PLUS (RMC+) X-Plus is reissuing the 30cm Gamera 1999. For those that do not know, the RMC statues are made out of polystone, which is hard and solid unlike soft vinyl.  For the first time ever, X-Plus is releasing this as a RIC Boy, hence the new title of Real Master Collection Plus because this reissue is a RIC Boy exclusive. X-Plus has never reissued a figure in the RMC line as a RIC Boy exclusive until now! The RIC feature is a light up LED plasma fist! Also featured on this release is the battle damage that Gamera sustained from his fight with Iris in G3! The stomach and back both have the open wound from Iris’ giant sphere claw that pierced Gamera’s body! There is green blood and cracked turtle shell reimagining the agonizing pain Gamera had been dealt. This is a pretty damn cool release if you ask me. If I did not have the standard 30cm Gamera I would most definitely go after this! The RMC+ 30cm Gamera ’99 is slated for a late March early April release of this year. Gamera is priced at about $253!!!

rmc_p_gamera1999_01Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.11.36 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.11.52 PM

Almost done! Yea, we are not done yet!!! With the 2015 Winter Wonder Festival approaching on February 8, 2014, X-Plus announced that they are releasing even more reissues!!! A RIC Boy exclusive reissue of the 30cm Godzilla 2004 packed with light up dorsal plates will be released during WF2015!! Now, this is very limited as X-Plus will be selling 80 Godzilla 2004’s at the WF event and X-Plus will offer another 70 figures on the RIC Boy site as a lottery offering. What does that mean? That means on February 8th, the day of the show, X-Plus should open the order form for Godzilla 2004.  Now I am not 100% sure if they will take the first 70 orders or pick 70 random lucky buyers for purchase of the figure. We shall see!  Godzilla 2004 is priced at $170!! Great price for this reissue as the original release is seen floating pretty high in the after market. If you missed out on this figure back in May 2013, now is your chance to be a lucky winner! I know there are a lot of collectors out there that desire this figure so hunker down and do what you gotta do to get your hands on this!!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.37.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.37.50 PM

Also seeing a reissue is the 25cm Ultraseven! Ultraseven will be offered at WF2015 as well, seeing 100 figures available at the X-Plus table and another 100 figures offered in a lottery style on the RIC Boy site. Very limited numbers here people. Very limited! Ultraseven is priced at $85! Not bad right!?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.38.15 PM

So, is that it!? I think so! Nothing else has been teased other than what has been mentioned. Is there anything else coming out?! Of course there is! Did everyone forget about the 30cm Godzilla 2014 that was teased a while ago? How about the 25cm Mothra ’64/Godzilla ’64 set!?

X-Plus-Godzilla-2014-Prototype-SuperFestival67 X-Plus-Table-SuperFestival67

Credit to Kaiju Korner for the pictures from Super Festival 67!

Yea, those figures are still coming. No release dates yet for them but you better believe they are just over the horizon. Now, in my own opinion, I am sure we are also going to see more from Yuji Sakai with X-Plus. I have been saying it since the Yuji Sakai G89 was announced, there is no way in hell he signed on to just do one release with X-Plus. So we just have to wait and see what X-Plus has in store for us! There will be another Gigantic Series release down the pipeline as well. Rumors have been circulating it is a Godzilla 1954. We will see!

Also there is that Toho Monster Museum line that is coming as well. So far it seems that there is a Godzilla 2004 in the works that is to be released later this year. The Toho Monster Museum line seems its going to be figures that are about 3-4 inches tall, like the baby version of the 25cm Toho Large Monster Series. Here it is:

R0031602 R0031670

On the S.H. Monster Arts front, Gamera 1996 is currently being shipped to me as I write this! Collectors in Japan and East Asia have already begun twisting and spinning arms on the articulated turtle! Expect a review for that soon!!

Gamera Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.48.19 PM

That wraps up this months Fresh Vinyl Month in Review! Check back at the end of February for another in depth run down of X-Plus’ offerings and lets hope I have something new to write about by then, right? RIGHT!



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