Here is my top 5 favorite X-Plus figures! This was not as easy as many would think. With 70+ X-Plus figures to choose from, picking my top 5 was hard. Sure, the first 2 were pretty damn easy but spots 4 and 5 were a bit tougher. If I had to choose a top 10 list, it would have been easier to spread the love. Choosing 5 made me really think hard which ones I really love! I had to think back to the Box Day’s I had with these figures and how they made me feel upon releasing them from their plastic confinements, their Box Coffin! Once the Fresh Vinyl was released, I was in awe with these figures! The runners up for spots 6 – 10 were the Gigantic Seriers Burning Godzilla, 25cm Baragon (crawling), 25cm Mogera, 25cm, King Ghidorah and 25cm Godzilla 1973!


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