John Stanowski over at kaijuaddicts.com has learned what the first 10 new figures of the new Diamond deal are!! The following list is said to be 12 inch series figures but the majority of them are 30cm. Here is the list:

12 Inch Series Titanosaurus (30cm)
12 Inch Series Space Godzilla (30cm)
12 Inch Series Rodan 1964 (30cm)
12 Inch Series Kiryu 2003 (30cm)
12 Inch Series King Ghidorah 1968 (25cm)
12 Inch Series Gigan 1972 (30cm)
12 Inch Series Gigan 2004 (30cm)
12 Inch Series Biollante (25cm)
12 Inch Series Baragon 1965 (30cm)
12 Inch Series Anguirus 1968 (30cm)

That list is freaking FRESH! Biollante and King Ghidorah are in the Large Monster Series which is 25cm in scale while all the other figures come from the Toho 30cm Series! This is great news for eager X-Plus collectors that are looking to get their hands on more Fresh Vinyl! These figures are slated to be available sometime during the summer so keep your eyes peeled for the first wave announcement preorders in the coming months. It is also reported that these releases will be EVERY MONTH! If you plan on picking up a some if not all of these, you better get a loan or take a 2nd mortgage out on your home! Start saving your pennies!



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