Monster Mania and Anime Boston will be FRESH!

Hey Guys! Going to Monster Mania Con in Cherry Hill, NJ this coming weekend, March 13-15?! Mr. Fresh Vinyl will be there!! I am a big time Saw fan and if you are too, Tobin Bell (Jigsaw/John Kramer), Betsy Russell (Jill Tuck), Costas Mandylor (Det. Mark Hoffman) and Dina Meyer (Detective Kerry) will be at Monster Mania all weekend for a Saw reunion!! I will be there Saturday! So if you are there and you see me, come say hi! BAM!


How about Anime Boston in Boston, Ma. April 3-5?! Anime Boston is going to be a big event for us Godzilla fans because Haruo Nakajima and Akira Takarada will be there! Do I need to say who these guys are?! I hope not! I will be there with a few other Godzilla enthusiasts on Friday and Saturday. If you are there, come hunt me down and say hi! FRESH!

HARUO NAKAJIMA color montageAKIRA TAKARADA color montage

So who is going to be at these conventions!? It is going to be an exciting couple of weeks for me and I am super pumped! Hope to see some fans at either show, if one of the two at all, Anime Boston because two of our own will be there!!



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