New X-Plus Annoucnements for December 2015!!

X-Plus rolls out new announcements for December 2015! Continuing with the Destroy All Monsters line up comes an all new Baragon and Varan in flying form.  Baragon appears to be an all new sculpt, representing the 1968 version of the kaiju. Varan is in flying form resting on a slab of rock, probably made of resin.  Both figures are part of the Toho Large Monster Series 25cm scale line up. Pricing for these two is right around $165, not bad at all! A Real Master Collection 25cm MechaGodzilla 1975 is coming which will be made of resin and features the brain mechanism from under MechaGodzilla’s head. Ultraman and friends are also getting some love as well! FRESH NEWS! BAM!



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