Shin Godzilla Appears!

December 9, 2015 marks the day the world got it’s first glimpse at Toho’s new Godzilla design which was featured in newspapers in Japan and through a teaser poster that flooded Facebook. The poster also reveals the release date for the film, Friday July 29, 2016!!  Take a look at the poster for yourself:

G16 teaser poster

Oh boy! Here is a Japanese newspaper clipping of the Godzilla news:G16 newspaper

Godzilla fan’s worldwide have already started dissecting the first glimpse of the new Godzilla. One major Godzilla fan, David Eric Dopko, expressed his pleasure with the new design as follows:

“Just a few words on this revealed design for Sin Gojira- First of all, I love it! To me it’s an homage to the original concept of the ’54 design with added emphasis on the horrific twisted and mutated aspect of the creature that was conceived as a metaphor for the atomic bomb. As I predicted the fans of the classic Showa films dig it- and the fans who loved the 2014 film are disappointed. I can’t wait to finally see a dark, somber and SCARY Godzilla film! I am a happy man indeed!”
– David Eric Dopko

Famed Japanese artist, Shinji Nishikawa jumped on his first rendition of Shin Godzilla and here is what he dished out:


American Kaiju artists Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow attacked the drawing boards with their first renditions of the King of the Monsters shortly after this news broke as well. Here is Matt Frank’s design followed by Jeff Zornow’s:

G16 art


We are  not done  yet! Toho decided to give us a double punch of excitement for Godzilla 2016 with the very first teaser for the film! Here it is:


Is this exciting or what?!!? Godzilla overload for one day? Yes please and thank you!! So what does Mr. Fresh Vinyl think of this new Godzilla? Well at first I quickly thought the poster was just fan art. I did not see any Toho markings on the poster at all. We all know how Toho can be with Godzilla when it comes to copyright infringement so I thought right off the bat it was just fan art. Quickly my thoughts were debunked by trusted and reliable sources that the poster and design was legit! Ok, so what do I think?  I thought the face was smushed a bit, the eye seemed small and beady and I didn’t like the dorsal plate so high up on the neck like it is.  As I continued to look at the design over the next few hours it really grew on me. I am really digging it more the more I look at it.

Godzilla is a monster. He is supposed to look ferocious and pissed off and that is what I see here in this teaser poster. The jagged teeth, the bumpy mutated skin and the sinister look that the eye ball is glaring out is exactly what Godzilla needs to be. I see resemblance to the original Shodai-Goji, Godzilla 1954.  Godzilla is a beast brought to life by destruction and destruction is the way of life this beast will live out and that is exactly what needs to be portrayed in this new film.

The teaser trailer was very chaotic. People running down a busy Tokyo street. People were running in terror, screaming as they tried to get away…from Godzilla. This is the fear that a Godzilla needs to portray, it is what I want to see to say the least. So that is my take. I am down with the new design. I cannot wait to see it in action. I am ready to see this Godzilla living and breathing. Give me more Toho. I am already more excited about this Godzilla than I was for the entire LP Godzilla 2014. Godzilla is coming home. Nuff said.






2 thoughts on “Shin Godzilla Appears!

  1. They nailed the scary horrific look but failed on emoting power. Those thin teeth, short snout, and sickly look come across as frail and weak. This Godzilla looks like he’d get his ass kicked in a fight.

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