BOX DAY! First of 2016!

Happy New Year Fresh Vinyl Army!! Bring on 2016! What is the best way to start off the new year? A box day of course!!! So what arrived at Fresh Vinyl HQ? Take a look:


What we are looking at here are some new X-Plus figures and gadgets that I will be utilizing for recording videos. Just released from X-Plus are the Toho Large Monster Series Destroy All Monsters Complete Volume Set 2 Baragon and Varan. This is the third time Baragon has been released in the 25cm scale. The last 25cm Baragon that came out was a standing version of the Kaiju from 1965’s Frankenstein Conquers the World. This new release of Baragon is from 1968’s Godzilla series film Destroy All Monsters. The Varan released with the set is a representing the puppet that was seen briefly at the base of Mount Fuji during the climax of Destroy All Monsters.


Is that an Ultra Kaiju there too?! Damn right it is! That is the Large Monster Series Gesura from the first Ultraman show back in 1966. Gesura was featured in Episode 6 The Coast Guard Command. This figure has been a long time coming. Life long Ultraman fan David Eric Dopko has been aching for this figure for a long time to complete his Ultraman line up with X-Plus. At the time of this writing, David is anxiously waiting to get his. Hi Dave…sorry I got mine first! Anyway, expect to see a review on Gesura and other Ultra Kaiju very soon. I will also be adding a new section that will focus on X-Plus Ultraman figures specifically to the 1966 original Ultraman show.


The gadgets that I picked up are pretty simple. Tripod mounts for my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6+. I am going to start filming with my iPhone 6+ and to do so, I needed a new tripod mount. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been using my iPhone 5 with a tripod mount that was to small to accommodate my iPhone 6+. Now that I have new mounts, I am going to try filming with two cameras and see how that works out. The circular gadget you see in the back is a pop filter. What do I need that for?! I am waiting on another Box Day that is carrying a Blue Yeti microphone. I want better quality sound and to achieve that I bought a mic. Instead of using the microphone from the iPhones, the Blue Yeti will be plugged into my laptop and audio will be recorded via the microphone and Garage Band. This will make recording and editing a bit different from what I am used to but I really want to step things up. Here is the microphone that will be part of future Fresh Vinyl videos:Yeti

Ok! So, that is it for today’s Box Day! Reviews will follow for Baragon, Varan and Gesura soon!



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