REVIEW: X-Plus 25cm Destoroyah!

Finally got around to reviewing this B.A.F. (Big Ass Figure)! X-Plus 25cm Destoroyah RIC Exclusive! It’s big, it’s beautiful and it is damn right FRESH! Check out my review, throw some comments at me and stay tuned for the next review soon, which will finally be the 30cm Godzilla 2014 RIC.

Once I knock out the Godzilla 2014 review I will be diving into the X-Plus Ultraman Large Monster Series line up. If you did know by now, yes, I jumped in head first into the Ultraman X-Plus figures and I have an army of Ultra Kaiju waiting to get some Fresh Vinyl review treatments! BAM! In the mean time, check out the database that I started here.  There is a side bar button in the menu to your right that will take you to the database as well. The Ultraman database will be updated in the coming weeks so check back often for you Ultra Fan’s.  Hope you guys are looking forward to some Ultraman material because I am really excited to talk about the show and the figures!



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