Hey Guys! So…who wants more FV content? I am not just talking about more videos and figure reviews. there is a lot I want to do with this website and my YouTube channel…LOTS. I have a lot to add to EVERY section on this website. Lots of Ultraman X-Plus to add to the Ultraman database. The SH Monster Arts, Bandai and X-Plus Godzilla databases are all waiting for more figures to be posted. In between doing videos and buying more shit, I try to update this website. I want to give you guys more material….so with that said, what do you guys want? I want to know what content you want aside from what I already have planned.

What do I already have planned you ask? How about more videos other than figure reviews? I get asked about Top 10’s and Least Liked Godzilla films and other ideas like that. Sure! I will start doing those if you guys demand it.  I want to get into discussions about everything within the hobby. I will be looking to collaborate with other collectors/fans to work on these videos too.

Now…one of the forms of new content that I am looking forward to doing has me really excited. GODZILLA MOVIE COMMENTARIES. Three other faces that you have seen on Fresh Vinyl Live, including myself will start doing movie commentaries starting with Godzilla Vs Gigan. These will be broadcasted LIVE on YouTube and then the video will be available for replay on my YouTube Channel. This will start VERY SOON and we will go through EVERY Godzilla film. But it won’t stop there. How about all the other Toho films? Gamera films? How about the ENTIRE ULTRAMAN Show from 1966 (this just popped into my head!). So yea…Fresh Vinyl will be presenting Fresh Commentaries (working title). FRESH!

Stay tuned for updates on the date and times for the commentaries. Check back for more updates and seriously….I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK. Hit me up on Facebook, leave comments here, do whatever you gotta do. I want to hear your ideas and I want to make Fresh Vinyl Reviews and Fresh Vinyl HQ that much FRESHER. Ok, enough of the shameless plugs.

BAM! – Mr. Fresh Vinyl



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