Hey Guys! If you are going to G-FEST XXIII this July, expect to see another FRESH VINYL LIVE panel! This year we will tackling one hot topic: NECA V SHMA! With the SHMA GMK and G54 coming out around the same time as the NECA GMK, it will raise one question: which one to get!?! There will be other topics such as new releases, model kits and more!

THE FRESHNESS, the FV podcast, will see a recording as well! What is The Freshness?! It is a podcast that I just started this year, which can be found on iTune and Podbean.  This will be an afterhours podcast and will not be scheduled along with the formal G-FEST schedule but you will be able to gather around and sit in to view the podcast recording when it goes down! Stay tuned for details!

I will also be doing a Fresh Vinyl video based around DEALERS ROOM PURCHASES!!! How is this going to go work? I will be setting up a time Saturday July 16,  afternoon after the dealers room closes. If you want to be a part of the video, all you need to do is tell me and show up in the main lobby where I will be planning to record the video. Bring your dealers room purchase with you and we will talk about it for a couple of minutes and you will be part of the video on the Fresh Vinyl YouTube channel. BAM!

Once G-FEST XXIII gets closer I will post plans for these events! Stay tuned!!!




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