Where to buy Kaiju from?

Ever wonder what are some of the best places to buy Kaiju collectibles from? Looking for some rare Bandai figures? How about the new Diamond X-Plus reissue figures from the Toho 30cm Series? What about the Toho Large Monster Series Biollante or King Ghidorah? Marmit figures? How about vintage figures such as Bullmark, Marusan and others? Who are good sites to trust? I have compiled a list of “Go to” merchants that I have used over the years and that I highly recommend. Watch on to see who I think we should be shopping with. If you have questions, please ask. FRESH!


Links for the following sites mentioned in the video:







One thought on “Where to buy Kaiju from?

  1. Hi rich I love you man, you are so Fucking funny , the review were “you jumped out of the box” was great , “but” I have a problem , I went to all the web sites you gave us looking for the X plus gojiras I want and they are always _ sold out _ sold out _ sold out , I’m 55 years old and a gigantic gojira fan , I was actually there in 1964 . I’m also a sculptor , not as Yuji sakai but not bad , can you help me cut through the bullshit and get down to finding what I want ?

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