May 20th! FVLNEXT FRIDAY NIGHT AT 8PM! We will be back at it in 1 WEEK! We have some awesome X-Plus news to talk about and we will dig into some discussion about the upcoming Shin Godzilla release this JULY! BAM!


4 thoughts on “FRESH VINYL LIVE! May 20th! 8PM!!

  1. Hi rich, I’m a 55yr old life long gojira fan and sculptor, I have” no X plus gojiras! I would like to know how I can get the gigantic series gmk X plus Godzilla 2001 and how much it’s going to ” coast ” I can only afford to get one “ever” so I want the best one . Please help me , I’m new to all this ? And please don’t send me to a web site were everything is “sold out”. Thank you

    • Hey Greg, my best advice would be to check ebay or…join the X-Plus group on Facebook. Sometimes a collector will sell one. The GMK is hard to find because it was the first Gigantic and it was not produced in the same amount of numbers as the G2K and the Gigantic Burning Godzilla. If you do find one, it will be around $600+ mark. No websites are offering it either. Only ebay if there is on up for auction or if you can find one for sale from another collector.

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