Questions for YOU!!

Hey yo! If you are here on FVHQ reading this, I have a question for you: Why are you here?! What I am getting at is what would you like to see on this page. Just posting my reviews is almost pointless honestly because you get that content on YouTube and my Facebook page. So what would you like to see me do here? I do not use utilize this as much as I really would like to and I have even contemplated the idea of just closing this site. There are other websites that have much more detailed info (Kaiju Addicts, Club Tokyo) so I do not really want to be a clone of those sites.

So what can I do differently? What would you like to see me do? Write ups? Written reviews? Top 5 lists? Favorite lists? News updates? You tell me?

Again..if you are reading this…I want your feed back. Post in the comments section on THIS PAGE and talk to me! FRESH! XD!


One thought on “Questions for YOU!!

  1. I’m not on face book because countless times I’ve been harassed and stalked on it. I’m also autistic and I have anxiety. So If anyone asks me why I’m not there You know why now. No worries. I still love you bro.

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