X-Plus 25cm Destoroyah

Toho Large Monster Series Destoroyah (Final Stage)

東宝大怪獣シリーズ デストロイア 少年リック限定版 【同梱不可】

Released – Early December 2015

Height – 34cm

This big beautiful beast was released in early December 2015. The first words that come to mind when laying your eyes on this figure are probably “Wow!” or something like that. This figure is one big hunk of super serious detailed vinyl. Destoroyah is a BIG 25cm scale figure. The wings spread out huge, the tail whips out impressively and this figure demands your attention as it sits on your shelf.


First off, this figure was released to some minor set backs right out of the box. Some collectors were taking their Destoroyah out of the box with broken wings or a snapped off head…hold up! Broken? No. Snapped off? No. The collectors that experienced these issues were able to fix their figures with ease. The wings are very fragile, being made of PVC plastic and being big as it is. What merely happened is the glue did not maintain a tight enough grip on the figure where it is supposed to marry to. This is an easy fix with some store brand Krazy Glue. Same for the head, just glue it back on and BAM! Fixed! Now, should stuff like this be happening right out of the box? Heck no,  but it happens. X-Plus is cranking out figures in big quantities so these types of issues are bound to happen. They are easy fixes so all is well.

IMG_5819 IMG_5822

IMG_5803  IMG_5807 IMG_5818IMG_5806

The detail is top notch. I do not think I have another figure in my collection that looks as pissed off as this Destoroyah does. He looks like he would tear your family pet to shreds if he got his hands on Fluffy the cat or your cuddly dog Banjo. This figure packs ferocity and the sculptor did a damn good job. The detail speaks for itself. Every bump and horn are sculpted disturbingly well

The paint job is amazing, especially the way the reds and blacks blend with each other. The center forehead horn is made of translucent vinyl giving off a very nice effect. The teeth and mandibles are painted bone white that fade nicely with the skin that they greet. The eyes appears to be decals. Actually, I am pretty certain the eyes are decals much like the eyes on the GBG (Gigantic Burning Godzilla). Decals or not, they eyes look bad ass.

Look at the pictures people! If you did not pick this figure up yet, stop reading and try go snag this figure before it is to late and way out of a decent price range. Yea, this figure is huge and with that said, more vinyl requires more materials and build time, hence the higher asking price which was right around $300. Chances are now, if you are looking for this figure it is going to be more money of that compared to the retail price upon initial release. Why? Because these figures are made in limited quantities and usually made to order which is tallied from during the preorder window, which only lasts about 2-3 weeks. So, as I always tell collectors looking to get into X-Plus collecting, get in on the preorders with sites like Hobby Search and/or Amiami. DO IT!

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The RIC feature for this figure is an Aggregate stage Destoroyah. The RIC was released about 2 weeks after the final stage Destoroyah. Why the delay? X-Plus thought it was best to package the RIC Destoroyah separately from the large final stage figure. The RIC is made of resin. Resin captures detail a whole lot better than vinyl can. That is a fact! Resin is also very fragile. Once X-Plus made the decision box the RIC by itself, they had a bit more freedom in making a package that is structurally safe and break proof for the RIC. X-Plus then had to get approval from Toho on the box art as well, hence more of the delay. Also, this is the first RIC extra to ever be boxed and shipped on it own.

The RIC is big! It is almost the size of what the standard Aggregate would be in terms of the 25cm scale. It is a great piece and it is definitely up there as one of my all time favorite RIC extras.

The best feature about the RIC is that the appendages connect to the torso via built in magnets from the base of the appendage and the socket on the torso. That is pretty damn neat! The tail also attaches in the same manner. Really well done! Totally without a doubt, FRESH!