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Toho 30cm Series


Oh boy did X-Plus hit a home run with this one! The Toho 30cm Series MechaGodzilla 1974 is really a piece of vinyl perfection. I can’t tell you how much I love this figure! I was originally not going to pick this figure up when I got into X-Plus collecting. I was originally going to stick with 25cm figures but that lasted all but a few hours or so after one sitting in front of eBay. Anyway, I had previously had acquired the 25cm version of this figure so in my mind I was set with a MG74. Now, please take note, this is the Japanese issue, not the Diamond. Once the Diamond reissue came out in November 2013, I was thinking about getting it because for the price was unbeatable at the time. On the initial release, collectors were having an issue with the Diamond reissue having a leaning problem. Due to the figure being tightened in its plastic housing inside the box, it is believed the tightness is what caused the lean. The lean on the Diamond is what pushed me further away from getting this figure even more. So we crossed into 2014 and time went on and my thoughts drifted from this figure.  In the late spring of 2014, it happened, I had the goal of collecting every Toho related X-Plus figure and now I must acquire the 30cm MechaGodzilla. I still did not want to meddle with the Diamond due to the lean, so I vowed to hunt for the Japanese issue and if found for a decent price, I would snag it and that is exactly what I did. I found one on Yahoo Japan for about $100 more than the Diamond would cost me but I was ok with that.

Now, I have bragged enough to start this review off. Before we go right into it, let me tell you, I am glad I bought this figure. This is simply the best MechaGodzilla 1974 figure there is. It blows both 25cm MG74 out of their secret bases with ease. I love this figure. It is visually stunning in every aspect! Ok…ENOUGH! LETS GET INTO IT!

The Box! To many collectors, the box is equally as important as the figure is. Some collectors toss boxes while others, like myself, horde them (for now).  Boxes are just awesome. Sure, they take up a shit ton of room but just look at this MechaGodzilla box! Its awesome! Like most 30cm boxes, an image of MechaGodzilla is slapped in the center with a larger image floating in the background. This is the actual figure used for the box art.  The Kaiju’s name is slapped horizontally across the front with the title of the film underneath that. The box is all it needs to be: just a damn box with awesome box art. BAM!

Moving on to the figure, two words: Simply Stunning. Everything about this figure is beautiful. The sculpt is sharp looking. Keep in mind, MechaGodzilla is a sharp robot to begin with. Jagged edges are everywhere from the dorsal plates, the horn on the head and all the way down the legs! Everything is just so precise looking in the most evilest forms.  If you look at all the rivets all over this figure, they look great. They are all over the place and as small as they are, they are very detailed.  The designs on the chest are really well detailed. It almost looks like they were actually bolted on in place. I love it.  The head and face is totally menacing! The shock springs on the shoulders, elbows, thighs and knees are amazingly sculpted. They look like they could actually give in and support the weight of the robot. The hands look menacing with missiles on each finger. The figure is just stunning from every angel you look at it.

The smaller details are even harder to notice but they are so well done. The missiles in the mouth are present and painted accurately. The eyes look great and there is a lot of depth in there. They are more than just painted eyes. We will go into the eyes a bit later. The panel on the chest opens up revealing the chest laser. The neck is highly detailed with the vent like screen. All this detailed is packed into this figure with precise detail. MechaGodzilla is also given a ground base as well to support the tail to maintain its stance.


A view from all sides. I didnt notice until I took these pictures but the tail has a bit of a curve to it. This looks like how the tail was sculpted and I have not viewed any other examples of this figure at the time of this writing to see if the curved tail is on every figure or not. Either way, FRESHNESS at every angel. From the front, the evil stare is perfectly captured in vinyl form. The stance is just up right enough to get the vibe MechaGodzilla is about to launch missiles and laser attacks at you.



This figure is just full of sexiness. Yes…it really is. Lets look a little closer at the detail on this figure especially in one area that really gets my FRESH VINYL sensors going off the charts! The wrinkles! Yes, something so simple simply knocks me on my ass! I love the attention to detail here with these wrinkles. You can see wrinkles in all of the pictures below. Simply put, the wrinkles are what you would find on the actual suit. Being a Mecha, you cannot hide such wrinkles on a robotic body as you can on a Kaiju such as Godzilla. On the Godzilla suits and many other Kaiju suits, wrinkles are easily hidden by scales and other body designs.  This attention to detail just goes to show how well X-Plus reproduced what the suit was. It is really awesome. No, its freaking FRESH!

IMG_6386  IMG_6387   IMG_6395IMG_6397

The head is amazingly sculpted. The fierce look of the 1974 MechaGodzilla is perfectly captured here. X-Plus easily nailed this!  The eye brows are big and narrow, perfectly capturing that evil glare.  The mouth is on a pivot joint to it can open and close. Inside the mouth is two missiles waiting for deployment and they are painted accordingly. The eyes are an orange/yellow translucent vinyl, giving the eyes a good sense of depth. The horn on the head is evil looking right to the point. All the rivets are sculpted beautifully. The ears/brain canal is painted with a metallic red. The head pivots from side to side. This is not intentional articulation but just a joint where the head was attached.


The neck has lots of fine detail featured.  Rivets and big bolts on the side of the neck. A vent screen on the front of the neck is seen and nicely detailed.  The chest captures that sick and twisted design that those black hole aliens hammered into MechaGodzilla. The chest laser beam is hidden behind the hatch that opens exposing the laser mechanism.  Again, all the features here are sculpted beautifully.


The arms are positioned very accurately to what you saw in the film. Tucked in at the elbows, the arms are kept at the 90 degree angle, maintaining that evil robotic posture.  The hands are dabbled with rivets and bolts that are seen about the rest of the figure. Each hand a big and carries missiles for each finger. Each missile finger is sculpted precisely. Because this is a soft vinyl figure, in some cases, the fingers may be warped. Nothing a hair dryer cannot fix!

IMG_6414 IMG_6415


The legs, like the rest of the body are friggin awesome. You can clearly tell that MechaGodzilla is posed in a position where he has clearly grounded his feet and assumed a stance ready for attack.  The shocks at the thighs and knees look great with their accordion like features. The knee caps feature spikes on each. Plenty of rivets scattered about. The feet also look great. Please take not that the feet on the figure hold up a lot of weight.  Due to the figure being made out of soft vinyl, the feet tend to give in to the weight over some time. You will have to keep a close eye on the heels, because if the feet start to warp/droop over time, MechaGodzilla will start to lean forward and your chances of coming home to MechaGodzilla laying on the floor are greatly increased.  How you position MechaGodzilla on the ground base is crucial to maintaining a proper stance.



The ground base looks really bad ass! Sure, it is used to help MechaGodzilla stand but in doing so, it looks awesome at the same time. Mostly covered in dirt brown, you can see some green shrubbery going on here. The tail is supported by a small hill at the back of the base. At the top of that hill, you can see grooves in the base. The groves you see match up with the sculpt of MechaGodzilla’s tail which help butter up the tail and the base really nice and having a secure fit with each other.  At the front of the base you can clearly see two foot prints  for MechaGodzilla’s feet to rest in. Like the tail, the foot prints match up with the bottom of MechaGodzilla’s feet. It would be safe to say that X-Plus took the sculpted feet and made imprints with them on the base to have an exact match.  Well played!  Having the tail and the feet match up in their resting spots is crucial to having the figure stand up properly.


MechaGodzilla does not necessarily need the base to stand but it is highly recommended that you use the base for displaying your figure. If there is a sudden vibration in your room strong enough to rock the shelf even a bit, MechaGodzilla will be crash landing to the floor you stand on. NOT FRESH!

Looking at the below picture, sure MechaGodzilla is standing…for now. If you look close enough (LOOK DAMNIT!) you can see that foot closest to your face (stinky right?) giving under the weight of the figure. That is why you want to use the base. If your feet become warped past the point of return, you will have to bust out your hair dryer, heat up the foot till it is soft and then hold it in the flat footed position under some cold water for a few seconds. BAM! Foot is good!


Cooooool…a night shot!


Ok…FINAL THOUGHTS! If you watched my video review then you know how I feel about this bad ass figure! I love it! It is perfectly sculpted. The detail will knock you on your ass! MechaGodzilla is evil looking from his maniac eyes to his sharp edged body. Its just sick looking. Simply the best MechaGodzilla 1974 in my book. The Bandai 6” MG75 is close behind I will add. So this is definitely a 10 out of 10 for me!


Thanks for reading if you stuck around to the end of this and if you have not seen my video review, you can catch right here:


Buy Vinyl, Fresh Vinyl! BAM!


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