Bandai 8″ Godzilla 1962 (King Goji)

Bandai King-Goji Godzilla 1962, 8 Inch Scale:


The first figure to be released by Bandai was the King-Goji Godzilla from 1962’s King Kong Vs. Godzilla. The figure is made in hard vinyl, sports a traditional plastic tag, a company info label and was packaged in a plastic bag that was tied at the top. To my understanding, the bags were tied with a purple wrapping tie. The figure you see below did not come with the colored bag tie, which is understandable being that the figure came out 30+ years ago in 1983.IMG_9122IMG_9127IMG_9123

IMG_9124  IMG_9126


This being the first Bandai figure, for its time, this figure is a masterpiece. It is molded in green vinyl and carries silver highlights on the dorsal plates, toes, finger tips, teeth and chest. The facial features are painted with a red tongue, white eyes with black pupils. Notice the inside of the mouth is left unpainted.


The bottom of the feet sport the typical markings found on Bandai figures. The Toho Co. LTD and Godzilla markings in Japanese are found on the right foot and on the left is Bandai and Made in Japan markings with the year 1983.

The Godzilla 62 by Bandai comes with a plastic tag. The tag was not attached to the figure even though it has a punch hole in it. On the front of the tag, Godzilla 62 is featured in a star burst design and underneath reads “The Godzilla Collection”. The back side of the tag features something a bit odd. Instead of having the 62 Godzilla printed on this side, you see it is clearly the Mosu-Goji, Godzilla 64. Why Bandai did this is not known and it is definitely something that has happened again later down the road. There is various data on the tag; Godzilla’s height and weight(I think). The tag is also numbered 31. From my understanding, this figure fell in the Ultra Kaiju line. The figure is possibly the 31st entry in the line. There is also a gold licensing sticker found on this side of the tag also.

IMG_9129IMG_9130G62 Tag

This figure was packaged in the plastic bag. Inside the bag was also a label with various info to get in touch with Bandai. The plastic bag sports a red marking on the bag as well. The bag was also tied shut with a nylon colored tie. The tie was supposedly purple but could have been other colors as well. It would be difficult to verify this information because typically, kids in Japan in the 80’s would normally throw the bag away. To obtain the figure, tag, info label and bag is considered rare. There are known collectors that have the figure still mint in the bag and twist tied in all original packaging.

G62BagThere is a known bootleg of the Godzilla 62. Obvious differences are the height and the “Made in Taiwan” on the feet. There is no tag or any Toho markings on the figure at all.


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