Bandai 8″ King Ghidorah 1964


The three headed demon, King Ghidorah! Bandai released their 8 inch scale King Ghidorah in 1984. Before we get into this figure you see here, lets get one thing out of the way. There are six known variants of this figure. Two releases in 1984, a gold and orange, two releases in 1988, gold and yellow/orange, both with new tags a Destroy All Monsters Tagged King Ghidorah and a sixth which was released in the 1995 Memorial Box Set. The variants will be covered later on in this article and for this part of the rundown, we will be focusing on the original 1984 release of King Ghidorah.



The original release of King Ghidorah was painted with a gold paint scheme. There are black highlights running down all three necks, outer edge of the wings on front and back, chest, stomach, knees and on the end of the tails. The highlights are a nice touch because they break up the flat gold color of the figure. In my opinion, the highlights give the figure some depth, which if you ask me is important because the highlights also help give the figure more to it, more character if you will.

One significant aspect about the paint job of this King Ghidorah, unlike the King Ghidorah figures released after it, you will notice all three mouths are painted red. The later versions of King Ghidorah have only the tongues highlighted with red. Some collectors may question which version they may have. One simple answer is to first check all three mouths. If the tops and bottoms are painted red, you have yourself a gold 1984 release of King Ghidorah.

IMG_9031 IMG_9029



Another interesting fact about my figure here is the necks. Look at the necks. Did you notice? Go look again. Did you notice now? I did not notice it until after I bought this figure from Mike Johnson at G-FEST XX. I have two middle necks! That drives me crazy!! So, is this legit? This is what I asked right away after my purchase. My buddy John DeSentis noticed it right away and another friend, Brandon Shields, informed me that these figures were released from the Bandai factory like this in some cases. So I have two middle heads! Is it a big deal? No, not really. Just something my eyes are not used to.


The tag for King Ghidorah is stylized in the same manner as the previously released Bandai figures. The front side sports a yellow/orange themed star burst with King Ghidorah in the center. The Godzilla Collection rounds out the bottom. On the other side of the tag is the basic information for King Ghidorah. The height is present, which appears to be set at 100 meters and some other basic information. Collection 47 is present. My tag has a small tear at the top of the tag. The figure is 30 years old so it is common to have tags that have some kind of wear and tear on them. Overall, the tag is in great condition. Take notice that Collection 47 was also featured on the Godzilla ’84 figure as well. How these reflect each other with the same number i am not sure! I am still learning myself!! A gold licensing sticker is all present. Keep in mind, there is a gold and silver licensing sticker for all Bandai figures. The color of the sticker signifies the price range for the figures that are released. The silver sticker is for lower price points while the gold sticker is for higher price points. A certain amount of Yen was set by Bandai to signify which figures get the designated color sticker.

IMG_9033 IMG_9034


The feet feature the basic licensing information. The right foot carries the Bandai logo, country of origin, Japan and the year of release, 1984. The left foot carries the Toho Co. LTD markings and Japanese, King Ghidorah, キングギドラ.


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