Bandai Database


To navigate this database, simply click on the desired thumbnail to view the corresponding Bandai figure photogallery! MUCH MORE TO COME!

My goal here is to catalog my Bandai Godzilla collection. Bandai Godzilla figures are a staple of my collection, just like X-Plus has become.  BAM!

Standard 8″ figures:

IMG_9128 IMG_9026 IMG_9773 IMG_8995

IMG_9767 IMG_9046 IMG_9045IMG_8887

IMG_8926 Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.30.43 PM IMG_1655 IMG_9004

IMG_8808 IMG_8850 IMG_9754 IMG_9734

IMG_1660 IMG_9717 IMG_9706 IMG_9698 IMG_9686 IMG_9678 IMG_9427 IMG_9442 Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.45.26 PM IMG_9437 IMG_9459 IMG_2931 IMG_9473 IMG_3177 IMG_8877 IMG_3170

IMG_2937 IMG_9596 IMG_9107 IMG_9644

IMG_9486 IMG_9497IMG_8976 IMG_8764 IMG_9521 IMG_9550 IMG_9540 IMG_9505 IMG_9888 IMG_9826 IMG_9943 IMG_9798 IMG_9814  IMG_9932 IMG_2858 IMG_9883 IMG_9932 IMG_9911 IMG_2898    IMG_0060           IMG_2825IMG_0055 IMG_9845 IMG_9874 IMG_9791 IMG_2919 IMG_9922 IMG_9856

Godzilla Memorial Box (1995)


The Forever Series (1996)



Theater Exclusives and Event Exclusives

IMG_9180 IMG_9230 IMG_9338 IMG_9189

IMG_9330 IMG_9348 IMG_9158 IMG_9259 IMG_9241 IMG_9197 IMG_9270 IMG_9282 IMG_9287 IMG_9215 IMG_9310  IMG_9318

Godzilla Island (1998)

IMG_2071 IMG_2134 IMG_2140 IMG_2219 IMG_2153 IMG_2156 IMG_2170 IMG_2179 IMG_2185 IMG_2194 IMG_2203 IMG_2211

Toho Kaiju Series (1998)

IMG_2083 IMG_2400 IMG_2340IMG_2265 IMG_2286IMG_2380IMG_2418IMG_2445 IMG_2470 IMG_2503   IMG_2235 IMG_2252

IMG_2245  IMG_2560 IMG_2572 IMG_9901


Movie Monster Series (2001-2004)

IMG_2115 IMG_2346 IMG_2258 IMG_2291

IMG_2392 IMG_2423 IMG_2452 IMG_2479

IMG_2507 IMG_2318 IMG_2372 IMG_2575

IMG_2540 IMG_9962 IMG_9969 IMG_0001

IMG_9992 IMG_9954 IMG_9838 IMG_2662

Movie Monster Series 2005 – present

IMG_2112 IMG_2670 IMG_2592 IMG_2614

IMG_2622 IMG_2635 IMG_2657 IMG_2520

IMG_2352 IMG_2486 IMG_2328 IMG_2305







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