Bandai Kaiju Figures Database

-Bandai Godzilla 1964 (Mosu-Goji) 8 Inch Scale:

The Bandai 8 inch Godzilla 1964, also known to collectors as the Mosu-Goji, an amazing suit and this is just a great representation of that suit. This is a classic figure right here guys. If you guys have been paying attention to me on in my other material, you should know the Mosu-Goji is my favorite suit. This figure may not be the best looking figure but you cannot deny the awesome classic feel this figure has. Bandai definitely captured the look of the Mosu-Goji for sure. The bagginess in Godzilla’s face is clearly unmistakable as the ’64 suit.

Godzilla is molded in dark green vinyl with silver highlights on the stomach, hands, knees and feet. The dorsal plates are painted metallic silver which stretches all the way to the tip of the tail. Godzilla has a bit of an odd pose you can say. His arms are stretched out up to shoulder height giving Godzilla a attack style pose. The arms, legs and tail can rotate if desired.

The feet are stamped with the basic Bandai and Toho markings. On the right foot, Bandai is stamped in the foot along with Japan and 1983. The left foot there is the Toho marking and GOJIRA! Godzilla. You get it!

The tag for the Mosu-Goji is stylized in the same manner as the King-Goji. The actual suit of the Mosu-Goji is placed in the middle of a double star burst with The Godzilla Collection placed underneath. The opposite side of the tag again features the wrong Godzilla. The ’67 suit is used on this side of the tag. In this case, I am not sure what the reasoning was to use the G’67 on the tag. Basic information is featured along with a silver Godzilla licensing sticker. This tag carrier Collection 32 on it.

FRESH FACT: This figure is reissued three more times in 1988, 1989 and 1992. This will be discussed later on in this article.

-Bandai MechaGodzilla 1974 8 Inch Scale:

Also released in the early 80’s, the 1974 MechaGodzilla. This figure stands in the 8 inch scale. Like other figures early in this line, a plastic tag comes accompanied with MechaGodzilla. I am not 100% sure if the tag originally came attached or not. I have come to learn over the years that this MechaGodzilla figure had the tag attached. One would think that it came detached to keep in line with other early Bandai figures where the tag was not attached.

MechaGodzilla is sporting a silver metallic paint scheme with grey highlights. Grey highlights are sprayed on the feet, hands, thighs, stomach, shoulders and dorsal plates. The eyes and teeth are painted orange. The “ears” are painted red. In later reissues of this figure, the paint applications were modified differently. The changes were subtle, yet, different.

The tag for MechaGodzilla is stylized in the same fashion os the Godzilla 62. There is some Kaiju information on the bottom, again the height and weight. I know the height is in there which is 50 meters. Im pretty sure the weight is in there too but that I am not sure about. The tag is carrying a silver Godzilla licensing sticker. The tag also carry’s a “Collection 33” at the bottom. Again, as noted earlier, this appears to be part of the Ultra Kaiju line up. The Ultra Kaiju line up was another line of Bandai figures of Ultraman figures that started at the same the Godzilla figures started. I will do some more research to clarify this information and update this info at later time. Much to learn, I have. On the opposite side of the tag, the Mosu-Goji, Godzilla 64, is placed in the center of a double star burst with the line titled as “The Godzilla Collection”.

The feet feature a 3D Bandai stamp and the year 1983 and Japan on the right foot. On the left foot MechaGodzilla is imprinted in Japanese and the Toho markings are present.


– Bandai Godzilla 1984 8 Inch Scale:

With the Godzilla series get a FRESH start, Bandai released a Godzilla ’84 figure to go coincide with the release of “Godzilla” in 1984. The Godzilla ’84 figure is molded in an dark green vinyl, almost appearing black. The dorsal plates are highlighted with silver paint applications that extend down the tail. The toe nails and finger nails are sprayed with silver highlights and the chest carries a splash of silver to it as well. Godzilla’s teeth are painted white with a red tongue in the mouth. Some of the teeth are left unpainted as well. The eyes are a simple white eye ball with a black pupil.

The mold for this figure, in my opinion, looks like the Cybot Godzilla that was used for certain close up shots in Godzilla ’84. The Cybot was a animatronic Godzilla that could do various movements and express multiple facial features. Take notice to the dorsal plates on this figure. If you notice, the underside of the center row of dorsal plates are almost cut in a straight line. This could be from the mold that the figure was set in. Because this figure is smaller than all the other Bandai figures that were released at the time, it appears it was a bit of a challenge to remove all the access vinyl from the molding process. Instead of getting in close and cutting along the actual mold of the dorsal plates, the workers just cut as close as the could in a straight line. This is not to distracting but something to just take not of.

The tag for Godzilla ’84 is fashioned in the same manner as the previous releases in this line. One thing that was done to match up with this figure is the correct Godzilla is on both sides of the tag. On one side, Godzilla 84 is centered in a double star burst. The Godzilla Collection is titled underneath and “ゴジラ” placed at the top center in bold red. The opposite side of the tag features a near complete shot of the Cybot Godzilla. General info on Godzilla is featured at the bottom. This tag carriers “Collection 47” it. A silver licensing sticker is also present.

The feet carry the basic licensing info to correspond with this figure. On the left foot, “Toho Co. LTD” and “Godzilla” are stamped in Japanese and on the right foot, “Bandai”, “Made in Japan” and the year of release, “1984” are stamped into the foot.


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