Hey Guys! If you are going to G-FEST XXIII this July, expect to see another FRESH VINYL LIVE panel! This year we will tackling one hot topic: NECA V SHMA! With the SHMA GMK and G54 coming out around the same time as the NECA GMK, it will raise one question: which one to get!?! There will be other topics such as new releases, model kits and more!

THE FRESHNESS, the FV podcast, will see a recording as well! What is The Freshness?! It is a podcast that I just started this year, which can be found on iTune and Podbean.  This will be an afterhours podcast and will not be scheduled along with the formal G-FEST schedule but you will be able to gather around and sit in to view the podcast recording when it goes down! Stay tuned for details!

I will also be doing a Fresh Vinyl video based around DEALERS ROOM PURCHASES!!! How is this going to go work? I will be setting up a time Saturday July 16,  afternoon after the dealers room closes. If you want to be a part of the video, all you need to do is tell me and show up in the main lobby where I will be planning to record the video. Bring your dealers room purchase with you and we will talk about it for a couple of minutes and you will be part of the video on the Fresh Vinyl YouTube channel. BAM!

Once G-FEST XXIII gets closer I will post plans for these events! Stay tuned!!!




The Freshness – Episode 2 – Entry into Godzilla

Hey guys!! Sorry its been quite around here! Check out the 2nd episode of the Fresh Vinyl podcast, THE FRESHNESS, below. My friend Paul Couture joined me for this session and we dig into how we got into Godzilla, what our favorite movie is, favorite Godzilla appearance, suits, first movie and more in this full fledged episode! Make sure you subscribe if you enjoyed listening to us talk GODZILLA!! FRESH!


S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla 1954 new pics!

Some new pictures of the S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla 1954 popped up from a Japanese toy magazine earlier this week! IMG_7947

Release date for the figure slated for July, right around the same time Shin-Gojira releases in Japan on July 29, 2016. Godzilla 1954 (ShodaiGoji) is sculpted by master sculptor Yuji Sakai. According to this magazine print, the price point at the moment is 8,424円 which translates to $75.26 US dollars. Not that bad if you ask me. My early impressions of this figure are looking great. Can’t wait to get it. FRESH~


WHAT?! A Fresh Vinyl podcast?! Yep! I have been asked this question in the past numerous times. It has been something I have been wanting to do and now the time has come. The Freshness will be the official Fresh Vinyl podcast where the toy talk goes on beyond the camera people! I will be focusing on topics and news within the collecting world and even the politics of the hobby such as PISSING AND MOANING which is what I talk about on this first episode. It was a shoot from the hip episode. I can tell you going forward, I will be having guests, topics and other ideas thrown on the table. I want to make this a thing of its own similar yet different from what I do on YouTube. Fresh Vinyl Reviews on YouTube will focus on reviews as always but now we can branch out to other ideas and topics within our FRESH hobby! That is that! FRESH!