25cm Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji)


X-Plus released the Toho Large Monster Series 25cm Godzilla ’62 in late December 2012. Oh how I remember that time of the year. This was the 2nd Godzilla figure I bought from X-Plus. For those that don’t know, I started collecting X-Plus in mid January 2013 like a crack addict. I was hooked faster than Jesse Pinkman getting hooked on heroin. Yea, it was bad! I bought this figure during my first sit down of eBay stalking for X-Plus. My first sit down on eBay ended up with the purchase of a whopping total of eleven(11) X-Plus figures! The Godzilla 62 was within that first bunch.  Mind you, when I picked up this figure, I was still new to X-Plus collecting, I was just learning the ropes. So that is how this figure came to be in my collection. Enough of the yip yap, lets dig into this review!

This 25cm Godzilla 1962 stands in the 25cm scale. It approximately comes in at a height of 9 inches tall. Other figures in the 25cm line stand a little higher or a little shorter. The Kaiju’s stance, the pose, all plays into that of course.  The figure is of nice size overall. The tail whips out and up straight behind the figure and curls just at the tip. The tail is not much of a shelf hog either. There is a joint about mid way into the tail that can swivel. Based on how you display your G62, if you need to work with limited space, you can swivel the tail and gain some display leverage.

IMG_6791IMG_6794 IMG_6795  IMG_6793

The sculpt delves deeper with the skin. Have you guys ever really looks at how detailed the skin can be on Godzilla? The skin here on the Godzilla ’62 is filled with deep groves, much like the bark of a tree. Godzilla’s skin is also painted the typical dark grey throughout the figure. The greys hit up on the centers of the dorsal plates too.


Godzilla’s head….hmmm…well lets be reasonable here. When we look at this figure, yes, we see Godzilla ’62 without a doubt. From some angles though, the head just seems off. Its the top of the face, the eyes and eye brows. It is just not as exact to that of the suit. I think the nose and eye section is to flat. The top of his mouth and face area should be more narrow and here is it more pancaked. Again, from some angles the head and face look ok and from others it looks totally off.




The top of Godzilla’s head is sculpted up like a cone head. The dorsal spikes at the center are highlighted bone white. The eyes are painted white with black pupils. I am a big fan of the narrowed evil look the eyes have. The G64 and G84 have eyes very similar to this.

The mouth and the teeth are sculpted nicely.  Each tooth is sculpted individually and they look really well done. The teeth are painted bone white, no other shading so the teeth look nice and clean.  The tongue is also sculpted perfectly with a grove down the middle and subtle texturizing. The tongue and gums are a reddish pink and painted evenly.

Working down the neck to the chest, the sculpt perfectly captures the look of the suit. In the next you can see the bagginess of the suit. There are rolls and indents that sell this bagginess look. The arms are big and heavy looking, baggy too.  There is a seam on both arms right at the elbows. I question this a bit because X-Plus is good at creating figures in this size without having the need for joints and seams like this. Not a big deal but in some cases no seams exist in the arms like this.  Other 25cm figures have seams at the elbows too.

IMG_6789IMG_6801        IMG_6809IMG_6810

The hands are big. Almost like big clown hands. Hi clown hands. The fingers are long, right to the tips on the nails. The hands on the King-Goji are unlike any other hands found on Godzilla. The pinky finger on a the left hand seems to be further from the rest. This may be due to the suit actors actual fingers not being able to fully fill the finger cavity up. If the suit actors finger only went 1/3 of the way into the pinky, that leaves a lot of rubber finger to support. So that might be the reason we see that look on the King-Goji hands sometimes.  The finger nails are painted bone white with a tint of yellow starting at the base. Like many other figures, the paint from the skin to the nails is seamless. I have said this plenty before, it looks like the nails grew right out of the skin. Looks good.IMG_6807IMG_6808

The dorsal plates are sculpted really well. Of course the dorsal plates are another defining feature of Godzilla’s look. The G62 dorsal plates are defined pretty damn well here.  Godzilla’s skin creeps up each dorsal plate covered about 85% of the dorsal plates.  There is plenty of detailed bumps all about the dorsal plates. The dorsal plates on this figure are translucent. Why? Because the RIC Boy feature for this figure comes with light up dorsal plates. I do not have the RIC Boy version. Even with the standard version, the dorsal plates were made with translucent vinyl which helps light emit from the inside out. The standard having the same dorsal plates as the RIC helped cut costs. If X-Plus went back to production to create non translucent dorsal plates, they would have spent more money on the production of the figure. From a business stand point, that would just be silly.IMG_6804

The legs are pretty damn spot on to that of the suit. The hips are wide. Big and child bearing like. The knees  have this big baggy seam going all the way around. Just underneath the knee cap is a joint and seam where the calves attache to the rest of the body. The calves are like big tree trunks covered in the bark like skin. The feet each have three toes with finger nails painted boney white. The toe nails are painted a bit dirty too which sells the look that Godzilla and King Kong were rolling around the yard a bit.IMG_6811 IMG_6812

The tail has dorsal scales starting at the end of the back and working their way all the way to the tip of the tail. The dorsal scales are highlighted bone white. As mentioned earlier, the tail has a joint and seam that can be twisted to accommodate shelf space. If your Godzilla figures are next to each other on the shelf, the tails tend to get in the way. Twisting the tail helps with space.IMG_6814

So, to wrap this figure review up, it is Certified FRESH. Yes, even with that not so perfect face. Hey, what figure is really perfect? The paint job is great, sculpt is great and detail is top notch.  I give this a 9/10 on the FRESH SCALE! BAM! Remember, the RIC came with a light up feature for the dorsal plates. I will add a pic of that at a later date! I have yet to film a FVR for this yet so that will come soon too!







7 thoughts on “25cm Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji)

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  2. Where on gods green earth can I BUY an X-plus ricboy 25cm (9″)1962 godzilla figure? If anyone can help me,i will pay you a $50.00 on top of getting me this figure. I’m on dialysis ( kidney failure) & my grandsons dying for this one. I don’t know how long I can keep doing dialysis,its been 11yrs, getting tired. So if anyone can help me out,i’d be grateful. I have 3 emails,(jamalbateman@gmail.com) (jamalb@gmail.com) &(jamalb@gmail.com) ,(413) 449 4983 s my phone number.thanks, yours truly jamalbateman

  3. Hi. My name is jamalbateman. I’ m trying to purchase the xplus 25 cm 1962godzilla. I need help please. Can you assist me? ‘ m hoping we can do business together. Thank you very much. Yours truly jamalbateman,ps I don’t know what it means about the website. Sorry still trying to figure out the internet. You can call me at(413)449 4983

    • Hey Jamal, The 25cm Godzilla 62 can be a hard one to find. I have not seen one for sale in sometime. Check ebay or join up in the X-Plus group on facebook and maybe you will find a collector who is willing to sell one if they have one to sell!

      • Thank you very much. I’m new at this,i have trouble trying to get it right sometimes.

      • Hi. I’m not getting anywhere. If you can help me or get one for me , I’m willing to spend a fair amount of money for it to you or someone else. I’m even willing to trade my 30cm 62 godzilla & my bandai museum 62 godzilla for it. any takers?

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