How to order with Mike Johnson

This is a question I get often, “How do you order with Mike Johnson?”. This is a simple process and following these steps will bring much vinyl joy to you and your collection. Mike Johnson is a collector just like us. Mike has been helping collectors obtain figures from Japan for years now.  So, plain and simple, Mike can help you purchase new figures upon release from Japan.


If you plan to utilize Mike Johnson’s services follow these simple steps:

  • Do some research on your possible purchase. Make sure you really want the figure you are going to request a purchase on.
  • When new figures are announced and go up for pre-order, X-Plus for instance, e-mail Mike Johnson with your figure request at mike_c_john at
  • Once Mike receives your request, he will then request a deposit from you in the form of a money order unless stated otherwise. Send Mike the deposit for the amount requested via check or USPS Postal Money Order only.
  • Be patient. Now its the waiting game. By this time, you have sent a deposit and your mailing address to Mike. Mike will have put in your request with his contact in Japan.  Mike has no control on release dates or shipping of orders. Release dates may change. X-Plus has been known to delay the release of figures from time to time.
  • Final Payment/Release of figures – Once the figures have been released in Japan, Mike’s contact in Japan will begin to box up the orders and then ship them out. At that point, Mike will send a confirmation e-mail for final payment. The final payment will be the balance for the figure and EMS shipping from Japan. EMS is expedited shipping via express mail and is always the choice for shipping. EMS is fast, comes with insurance and tracking. Send your final payment to Mike via money order unless specified otherwise from Mike. Your figures will be shipped upon release from a toy shop in Japan that has been doing Kaiju business for a long time, well before the big box sites of the internet!

That is pretty much it! It is really a simple process. Mike can get RIC Boy’s via the X-Plus site, Marmits, Bandai, Gigabrains and many other figures upon release. All you have to do is e-mail him, follow these steps and be patient. One piece of advice I recommend, if you can, when you send your first money order to Mike, pay him in full. This will be easier for you as your figure is paid off and you don’t have to worry about making another payment upon release. Mike is not a credit line. Pay him on time without delay. Mike is doing our hobby a service. Mike DOES enjoy helping collectors out. Make sure you really want the figure you are asking for before you ask Mike to order it for you. Make sure you can afford the figure upon release. If you order with Mike and don’t follow through with the sale, Mike is now stuck paying for the figure YOU wanted and now he has to come up with the money to send to his contact in Japan, then he has to sell the figure on his own account.

Remember Mike’s e-mail: mike_c_john at

That is all I have! It’s that simple!




6 thoughts on “How to order with Mike Johnson

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  2. Thanks so much for posting this. As someone who is relatively new to the collecting game I appreciate sites like yours where there’s lots of great info like this and reviews. Cheers!

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