How to…

This page contains tuturials for “How to…” do certain things. STUFF AND THINGS:

How to reattach Bandai tags!
How to put X-Plus tails on
How to order with Mike Johnson!


4 thoughts on “How to…

  1. Hey there! New dude on the scene here…thinking about doing very dry ass reviews of my x-plus collection…just have been watching yer vids and the lest big show and wanted to share MY very quick unboxing vid of King Ghidorah I got just today before I go stare the crap out of it! My handle is AbeVigoda69.

  2. Hi Rich .. My name is
    Paul Carvalho .. Used to be on Facebook
    . I Amin the process of relocating and I am not taking my Godzilla collection with me. I have no idea if it’s total value but I would guess it’s at least several thousand . However I am not interested in selling it .. I just want it to end up with a good home.

    Should you be interested, please contact me at 915 345 9332 or at


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