MFS-3 Type 3 Kiryu

S.H. Monster Arts MFS-3 Type 3 MechaGodzilla Heavy Arms/High Mobility

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Fresh out of the box comes the new S.H. Monster Arts MFS-3 Type-3 Kiryu Heavy Arms figure! Also known as MechaGodzilla, this figure hails from Godzilla X Mothra X MechaGodzilla: Tokyo SOS. If you have seen my review on YouTube for the first S.H. Monster Arts Kiryu, you know that is my favorite SHMA figure to date. So, with this new release, does it stack up to the first? We shall see. Lets get right into this shall we?

The box is really nice looking as it is covered in a blue back drop with MechaGodzilla centered on the front of the box. All the basic info that has been known to bless the front of the box is present. The back of the box is skewed with various pictures of MechaGodzilla in different poses. Pictures are also displayed with the extras that are included with this release. Take note that in the bottom left corner is all the licensing markings. The Godzilla license marking is now printed onto the box rather than a sticker slapped on it. The 60th anniversary and MechaGodzilla logo’s are also featured. This box is not a window box like other releases but it looks great, even for a box.

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 photo IMG_5463.jpg

This new MechaGodzilla is really packs a different punch from the first version. The first thing I would like to point out is the obvious paint job. Where the first Kiryu figure was bright and metallic looking, the 2003 version is more grittier and dirty looking. There are browns and blacks sprayed about the body giving accents about the body. The paint job looks really good. If we are considering continuity, MechaGodzilla was beaten up pretty good after the first encounter with Godzilla so it is only natural to have this figure look beat up as well.

Detail is very nicely done. I have said in the past that Mecha’s are easy to hide the joints and seams on these figures which in turn makes them look that much more impressive. The detail is simply stunning. After viewing GMMG:Tokyo SOS prior to this write up, I can clearly see that Bandai and Tamashii did not spare any amount of detail. This Kiryu is seriously done well and I will go on the record to say this is X-Plus quality in terms of detail and accuracy. Every little bolt, tooth and nail is done so well it is just appeasing to stare at.

 photo IMG_5491.jpg

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 photo IMG_5494.jpg

The head is sculpted pretty great. The eyes are painted yellow, teeth are bone white and the rest of the head sports metallic silver paint. The inner lining of the neck is painted black and accented by the silver metallic panels that cover it. Like the first Kiryu, the black lining underneath the metal parts is molded to replicate the black tubing that housed all the electronic components of the robot. The detail is really done well even at this simple area of the figure.

The metal panels that cover the Tri-Maser are sculpted almost the same as the first Kiryu with one minor detail being changed; there are small raised lines on each of the three panels. If you remember, the Absolute Zero Canon was destroyed in the first film promoting the JSDF to replace the AZC with the Tri-Maser and replacing the panel doors. The three panel door open revealing the Tri-Maser canon on the inside which is sculpted extremely well. “MFS-3” is also painted on the front of the upper left panel. You have to take into consideration the amount of detail on this figure for its small size. The figure is roughly 6 inches and the amount of detail that is packed into this is simply amazing.

 photo IMG_5498.jpg

 photo IMG_5499.jpg

 photo IMG_5500.jpg

The lower section and the legs are near identical to the first Kiryu. The paint job is the only big difference. There are thrusters that come out of the thigh panels and both have limited articulation. Little nice touches like the thrusters is what makes this figure stand out a bit more from the line than others.

 photo IMG_5501.jpg

 photo IMG_5503.jpg

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The Heavy Arms accessories are the stand out extras for this figure. The drill hand is a very nice touch. To put on the drill hand all you have to do is simply pull off the right hand and it will pop out. Insert the drill hand right into the socket and the ball joint on the drill hand will lock into place. The arm canons go on very easy too. There are small cable plugs that are in place for the arm canon cables. They are pretty small so you will have to use your finger nails to grab them out of the socket. Once the plugs are out, you can place the cables in and install the arm canon on the forearm. The shoulder canons or if your prefer to call it the back pack, goes on really easy. You just have to pull out the top dorsal plate at the base of MechaGodzilla’s neck. The back pack will latch on from a dorsal plate that is secured on the back and lodge right into the notch that exposed from the removal dorsal plate. The head is also removable which just pops off by pulling easily. Replace the original head with the battle damaged head. That is the gist of the accessories.

I prefer to have this figure installed with the drill hand and the battle damaged eye. It sets itself apart from the first Kiryu. The battle damaged eye is a nice touch. You could see exposed wires and burnt metal. The eye is severely damaged as well leaving it rendered useless. Freshly done! The drill hand is nicely done and I really love how the refurbished arm can be seen from the turbine in the wrist and the adjustments made at the shoulder. The back pack is done well and each canon on the shoulder could be detached as if MechaGodzlla shot it off at Godzilla just like in the film. Over all, these accessories are really nice as you can do display MechaGodzilla in various ways.

 photo IMG_5467.jpg
 photo IMG_5470.jpg
 photo IMG_5472.jpg
 photo IMG_5486.jpg
 photo IMG_5468.jpg
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An interesting thing I found with this figure is on the head, you can remove the top portion of the head just like you can with the original Kiryu. All you have to do is pull off the top part, the crown, gently. You could change out the parts just like before but I don’t see the need to because the pieces do not match up. Why this was done in the same manner as the first Kiryu is unknown. Maybe it was because of the same molding process for the heads? Possbily. Regardless, this does not hurt anything at all but something to just take note of.

 photo 7E327586-03A8-478B-A5AE-0F5B1DA05C15.jpg

To many pictures? Nahhhh! FINAL THOUGHTS! I love this figure! If you do not have the original Kiryu, then you need to get this one! This figure represents just how well SHMA figures could be. I give this figure a 10/10! DEFINITELY FRESH! Make sure you check out my video review on YouTube:


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