FRESH VINYL REVIEW! X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1975 RIC Exclusive!

Oh boy, when this figure came out was it the focus of some heated discussions! X-Plus released their 25cm Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1975 in July 2013. This figure is not perfect as it has a bum upper lip and in accurate dorsal plates. Despite these set backs, I still enjoy the figure. The RIC Exclusive extra is an extra left Godzilla arm and a MechaGodzilla head which when displayed accordingly, you can recreate the scene from Terror of MechaGodzilla when Godzilla ripped MG’s head off. Anyway!!! Check out this FRESH review!

DragonBall Z Gigantic Series by X-Plus!

The power level over at FVHQ is going over 9000! X-Plus has been dishing out the Gigantic Series DragonBall Z line over the past year and they are FRESH as well! Check out the NEW DBZ section (still under construction) with the first photo gallery of the newest figure in the line, SSJ3 Goku: