Where to buy Kaiju from?

Ever wonder what are some of the best places to buy Kaiju collectibles from? Looking for some rare Bandai figures? How about the new Diamond X-Plus reissue figures from the Toho 30cm Series? What about the Toho Large Monster Series Biollante or King Ghidorah? Marmit figures? How about vintage figures such as Bullmark, Marusan and others? Who are good sites to trust? I have compiled a list of “Go to” merchants that I have used over the years and that I highly recommend. Watch on to see who I think we should be shopping with. If you have questions, please ask. FRESH!


Links for the following sites mentioned in the video:







NEW REVIEW: S.H. Monster Arts MFS-3 Type 3 MechaGodzilla

My video review and written review is up for the new S.H. Monster Arts MechaGodzilla! The written review can be found by clicking the link below and it is now available on the SHMA database as well! Check it out!


S.H. Monster Arts Database & Mecha King Ghidorah!

This is the first time I am seeing these pictures of the prototype for MKG, but if you have not seen them yet, here they are! From the looks of it, the wings have been taken care of very well and we should not have any broken wings this go around. Lets hope so! Also, I have started my S.H. Monster Arts Database! It is just a list of all the figures. No content yet. Click the link on the side bar or click this link: https://freshvinylhq.com/s-h-monster-arts-database/






Source: http://tamashii.jp/t_item/73/