FRESH VINYL REVIEW! X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1975 RIC Exclusive!

Oh boy, when this figure came out was it the focus of some heated discussions! X-Plus released their 25cm Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1975 in July 2013. This figure is not perfect as it has a bum upper lip and in accurate dorsal plates. Despite these set backs, I still enjoy the figure. The RIC Exclusive extra is an extra left Godzilla arm and a MechaGodzilla head which when displayed accordingly, you can recreate the scene from Terror of MechaGodzilla when Godzilla ripped MG’s head off. Anyway!!! Check out this FRESH review!

X-Plus King Ghidorah Fresh Vinyl Review!

Ok guys! Here it is! The X-Plus 25cm Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah, receiving the Fresh Vinyl Treatment! BAM! There will be a written review in the not to distant future but for now, grab a snack and a beer and get comfy because this review is a long! FRESH! Also, let me know what you think of the new intro!

X-Plus 30cm Godzilla 2014 Teased!

 photo 4A5630E1-A6D3-4B70-B46E-2FE0059C2F42.jpg
WOW! X-Plus just dropped a bomb on us! First the 25cm King Ghidorah and now this, a 30cm Godzilla 2014!!! Based of the placard that is placed just to the left of the prototype, this figure is coming sometime in 2015! This will be part of the Toho 30cm Series! For my own account, this is a highly detailed looking figure, but of course, it’s X-Plus!!! As far as pricing and release date, that is not known at the moment. In the past, most 30cm figures go for $160 + shipping, so I would think that is a safe starting point to budget for this guy. Keep you eyes open for retail sites like Hobby Search, Amiami and Hobby Link Japan as they will most definitely be releasing this guy! No word on what the RIC feature will be because it way to damn early. Maybe a Muto head, light up fins or…I don’t know! This is just a prototype guys! I am sure in the coming weeks we will get more pics and info on this figure! I can’t wait to see this painted up. As you can tell, yes I am excited! FRESH!

Photo courtesy of Mike Russo via Toho Kingdom!