X-Plus King Ghidorah Fresh Vinyl Review!

Ok guys! Here it is! The X-Plus 25cm Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah, receiving the Fresh Vinyl Treatment! BAM! There will be a written review in the not to distant future but for now, grab a snack and a beer and get comfy because this review is a long! FRESH! Also, let me know what you think of the new intro!


The Unboxing of King Ghidorah

Unboxing of the X-Plus 25cm King Ghidorah. Jeez…do you have a horror story about unboxing your King Ghidorah?! Leave your story in the comments section!!





The RIC Boy site has updated their website with preordering information for the 25cm King Ghidorah! The RIC Exclusive comes with a mini Kilaak flying saucer from Destroy All Monsters. The price point for the RIC Boy King Ghidorah is 38,880 JPY which translates to about $361! If you are going to order the RIC Boy King Ghidorah, make sure you utilize your resources now!



Amiami has opened preorders for the X-Plus 25cm King Ghidorah! King Ghidorah is listed at $305 with the 15% discount Amiami is offering. King Ghidorah is scheduled to be released late December 2014 which means we will not see KG at our door steps until early January 2015! Save your pennies and get preordering! The RIC Boy site has not released info on the RIC Boy exclusive at the time of this writing. Stand by for updates!

Go to Amiami.com to preorder the standard X-Plus 25cm King Ghidorah!

UPDATED X-Plus database: 30cm Godzilla 1992!


Hey Guys!

I updated the X-Plus Database with the addition of the 30cm Godzilla 1992! Make sure to scroll down to the 30cm section and click on the hyperlink for Godzilla 92 under the 2011 release year!





UPDATE!! AMIAMI is listing the X-Plus 25cm King Ghidorah for $303 before shipping and is currently open for preorders. Hobby Search and other retail sites will follow shortly with preorders. The RIC Boy site will also be updated with news for the RIC Boy exclusive and price!

FINALLY!! X-Plus teases us more info about the 25cm Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah (1968)!!!


To my own speculation, it appears X-Plus is going to be releasing King Ghidorah in December. X-Plus collectors have been asking me if I had a hunch about the release date for this bad boy and I have been saying December. Why? Simply because it is King Ghidorah’s 50th Anniversary in December.  On the X-Plus site, you can see the Japanse text abover the King Ghidorah image is  “12月発売予定商品”. That is translated to “Is going to release it December; an article”. So, December the three headed dragon will be added to our collections, just in time for Christmas! X-Plus first teased the 25cm King Ghidorah in July at the Wonderfest.  King Ghidorah has been in the works for almost a year, so this is a great time for all of us!

XPLUSKG X-Plus King Ghidorah


X-Plus also teased more Godzilla freshness!


This looks like the 25cm Godzilla 1964 and 25cm Mothra 1961 are going to be bundled up. This set is scheduled to be released in November.  This is a great oppoportunity for X-Plus addicts to get their fix on two rare figures for a great deal.  Mothra is pretty rare and Godzilla 64, as popular as that suit is, this should be an easy pick up for collectors that need to add these figures to their collections.

Source: http://www.ric-toy.ne.jp/