X-Plus 25cm Baragon and Varan

Toho Large Monster Series Complete Vol 2 Set Baragon and Varan

東宝大怪獣シリーズ 総進撃補完セット Vol.2 (バラゴン・バラン)

Released – Late December/Early January 2016

Released at the tail end of 2015 and getting into collectors hands right at the start of 2016, X-Plus gave us Vol.2 of the Destroy All Monster Complete set. Vol. 2 features Baragon and Varan. Baragon represents the 1968 incarnation of the beast very well. I really dig this version a lot, even more than the previous released standing 1965 version of Baragon from FCTW (Frankenstein Conquers the World).  Baragon packs a lot of fine details on the legs and back. The figure has been made exceptionally well.

Varan is depicted from the puppet used in the film, Destroy All Monsters. The Varan suit from the titular film of the same name, did not survive since it’s 1958 debut.  That is 10 years people. The suits were not meant to last that long to begin with.  All in all, the Varan puppet is nothing really to be exited about, it is nice for all that it can be.  A great advantage about this Varan is that it is accurate as to what appeared in DAM. Varan also comes with a rock to rest on, much like the set prior that featured a rock for both Manda and Mothra. Cool…a rock! LOL. I really wish the rock came with a supporting rod and mount to have Varan posed flying. Sounds like a custom job for me later down the road!

I will say, this is a great pick up for those X-Plus collectors looking to complete a Destroy All Monsters line up in vinyl form. Grab it now while you can. If you ask me, Varan is worth the set alone. FRESH!

IMG_5940 IMG_5936

IMG_5939 IMG_5937


IMG_5959 IMG_5942

IMG_5946 IMG_5944

IMG_5945 IMG_5962


IMG_5966IMG_5965  IMG_5967IMG_5973IMG_5968     IMG_5974  IMG_5977  IMG_5979IMG_5978



Comparison shots here of both the 25cm standing Baragon figures:


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