X-Plus 25cm King Caesar RIC Boy

 photo IMG_4631.jpg

Released in August 2013, King Caesar charges into the 25cm line up with a top honors! A favorite Kaiju among many Godzilla fans, save his crazy and out of place appearance in Godzilla Final Wars, the 1974 King Caesar is totally FRESH! X-Plus first teased us in May 2013 that King Caesar was on the horizon. It was a very exciting moment for X-Plus collectors, not like there are many dull moments anyway. The detail is superb. This is simply the best King Caesar figure there is, period! To the viewer on my Fresh Vinyl Review that said the Bandai Creation is better than the X-Plus KC, hey…go get your eyes checked! King Caesar packs so much detail…here I will stop writing, let the pictures do the talking.
 photo IMG_4630.jpg

 photo IMG_4633.jpg

 photo IMG_4634.jpg


Right off the bat, one area of detail going into King Caesar that got our thoughts going was how X-Plus was going to replicate the furriness of the Okinawa God. X-Plus did not disappoint. The fur flows very well in vinyl form. It is sculpted so well and accurate to the suit as best as it can, there is no mistaking the hard work the X-Plus team put in here. Every little detail looks so amazing. The face is done exceptionally well. The teeth stand out as they are individually sculpted and very clean cut. The eyes look crazy good! The swirls that circle the eyes are mesmerizing.

The paint job is also spot on. One feature about the paint application is how well the fur is painted and shaded with tans and browns. The highlights extend to the ears and tail as well. An important point to take in here about the paint job is that it is not just a flat scheme. The more shading and highlights that go into a figure the more depth you get out of it. Highlights and shading give the figure a sense of realism, making the figure feel more life like just like in the film. While you look at the scales on King Caesar, you notice they are dark brown. Look deeper at those scales and you can see subtle highlights that appear to be dry brushed on. It looks great!

 photo IMG_4637.jpg
 photo IMG_4635.jpg
 photo IMG_4643.jpg

Ok, who loves extras? We all love extra’s! So, in order to get the extra’s for King Caesar you would have to get the RIC Boy release. The RIC Boy release comes with two bonus features; an extra pair of ears, which are perked up and the ancient statue that represents the folk lore surrounding King Caesar. The perked up ears are really awesome. I love to display my King Caesar figure with the perk up ears in place. The regular down ears are great to but perked up ears bring so much more out of the character when displayed. The ears go on very easy. Just grap a hair dryer and Squishy Soft King Caesars brains until his ears pop off! The ears just plug in and out. Very easy process to change them out.

 photo IMG_4622.jpg
 photo IMG_4626.jpg
 photo IMG_4616.jpg

The statue is really nicely done. The statue is a great size off the bat. The sculpt and detail is so nicely done. Just like the figure, the statue looks like it was pulled right out of the movie! This is X-Plus guys, we know how X-Plus does detail so this is what we have come to expect, nothing less! The statue has a great paint job to it also. If you remember back in the film, Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla (1974) the King Caesar statue was found during a type of archeology dig in an underground chamber. The dirt in that chamber was clay red. The statue has been painted with slight highlights of that dirt about it. This gives the statue a sense of realism. It looks great!
 photo IMG_4667.jpg photo IMG_4676.jpg photo IMG_4675.jpg photo IMG_4677.jpg photo IMG_4672.jpg

A great 25cm release by X-Plus. Survey says…FRESH! Make sure you check out the review on Kaijuaddicts.com here:http://www.kaijuaddicts.com/xplus-king-caesar-vinyl-figure-review/ and check out my video Fresh Vinyl Review here:



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