X-Plus 25cm Kumonga

X-Plus 25cm Kumonga (1967) RIC Boy
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Oh boy! Kumonga was released in August 2013. This was an epic release! First off, there are not many Kumonga figures out there. Not even Bandai released a Kumonga figure, which if you ask me, was a let down. Of the Kumonga figures that are out there, none can compare to the X-Plus 25cm Kumonga! Even in the 25cm scale, Kumonga is HUGE! Keep in mind, Kumonga is a big Kaiju to begin with, so it is natural that the figure is big too!

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The pincers on Kumonga’s face are thin which makes them a bit flimsy. The thinner the vinyl is sculpted the weaker it is, which will make its chances of warping that much greater. I have tried to straighten the pincers with a hair dryer and cold rag, but they always go back to warping. Oh well, this is a small set back for the figure.

The eye balls, six purple and two blue, all look amazing. There is some serious depth to these eyes. They capture the look of a real spider where they are all beady looking. The eye balls are translucent revealing more beady eyes inside each eyeball. The eyes are a standout visual masterpiece on this figure.

 photo IMG_4935.jpg
 photo IMG_4948.jpg
 photo IMG_4958.jpg
The colors applied to this figure are top notch. The darks are accented by yellow highlights throughout the entire figure. While it is a pretty simple paint job, it is done so well. Like other X-Plus figures, Kumonga looks like it crawled right out of your TV screen like that crazy chick Samara from “The Ring”. Good thing here Kumonga and Samara are not real. Or are they?

The torso is also painted and sculpted so well. It is really creepy looking. Some of my friends that have seen this big ass spider have been creeped out by it. I think its great. Complimenting the sculpt is little spikes and bumps all about the figure. These little details help give the figure its depth. It is not just a plain sculpt with a flat paint job. A lot of work was put into this figure.

 photo IMG_4960.jpg
 photo IMG_4961.jpg

The legs are also detailed very well. As with other Kaiju that sport hair, X-Plus was challenged to duplicate the hair along the joints on all the appendages on Kumonga. I will say it does appear to be a challenge to sculpt hair but X-Plus got the job done as best as they could. Look at the 25cm King Caesar for example, the hair came out great on that figure. Kumonga looks just as good. The detail with all the bumps and spikes are done very well.
 photo IMG_4955.jpg
 photo IMG_4952.jpg
 photo IMG_4951.jpg

We will get the RIC Boy base in one moment but lets talk about the need for a base overall first. Regardless if you grabbed the standard or RIC Boy version of Kumonga, you will have a rocky base to place with your figure. The purpose of the base is to support Kumonga’s body up. Without the base, Kumonga will droop heavily. Like a real spider, the meat of the Kaiju is in it’s torso. As with this Kumonga figure, because it is made of soft vinyl, the legs are thinner and mind you, there are eight of them, the legs can barely support the weight of the torso. Placing Kumonga’s torso over the base will support the entire figure and reduce drooping.
 photo IMG_4976.jpg
The standard base just comes with a rocky looking base with minimal webbing on it. The RIC Boy base is something really special. The base features a cocooned Kamacuras! Even webbed up, there is great detail in Kamacuras. His head, back and one arm pincer is easily distinguishable. Seeing how well Kamacuras was done in this simple form keeps me wondering when the heck X-Plus is going to release a 25cm Kamacuras. HELLO! Are you listening X-Plus!??! The RIC Boy base is really awesome. When placing Kumonga on this base, it sets the scene for Kumonga to make a tasty meal out of Kamacuras. YUCK!
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 photo IMG_4941.jpg
 photo IMG_4939.jpg
 photo IMG_4938.jpg

Kumonga is definitely FRESH! Get him before he webs you up and makes a FRESH meal out of you!!

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