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Toho 30cm Series

Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 Osaka Landing RIC Boy Exclsuive

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After a one month delay it is finally here! The X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 Osaka Landing RIC Boy Exclusive! Wow…is that a mouthful or what! Say that three times in a row! This figure hails from the 1989 film, Godzilla Vs. Biollante.  The standard release of this vinyl figure was released early October 2014. The RIC Boy saw its release early November 2014. The delay for the RIC Boy was most likely due to insuring the light up gimmick was assembled properly.  That is fine by me because I would want to see X-Plus take their time and get the figures done right rather than rush them out just to meet the deadline. Anyway, having stared at this figure for two days now prior to this writing, I am loving this figure more and more. It is truly a great sculpt by Yuji Sakai. Those familiar with Yuji Sakai know how exceptional his work is, you know when I say you will not be disappointed, you know I am telling the truth. Mr. Fresh Vinyl does not lie!

Ok, lets get down to business here. THE BOX! X-Plus took a different approach with the box this go around. Gone is the standard box art we have grown to love within the 30cm line and insert the 1990’s themed art.  Lets start with the top left; you will see the X-Plus logo and right under that is the logo for Godzilla Vs Biollante.  On the upper right in Japanese is Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection followed by Godzilla 1989 Osaka Landing.  I think it is safe to say this is the longest title for an X-Plus figure so put that down in your notes!  The bottom left features some more Japanese text as well as the basic Godzilla licensing sticker. What you will also see next to the Godzilla licensing sticker is Yuji Sakai’s licensing sticker.  This is new for an X-Plus figure because we usually don’t see any markings on other figures based off of the sculptor of the figure.  Yuji Sakai is a brand name in Japan and he is well known amongst the Godzilla community for his excellent sculpting. Also on this box is the RIC Boy sticker slapped just off the upper left corner.  This is the second RIC Boy this year to feature a new RIC Boy sticker, departing from the small horizontal sticker that was usually found at the bottom of the box left in an obscure state.  The new RIC Boy sticker as you see below is a yellow circle wit a sun burst with RIC Boy Exclusive in the center. So that is the box! The back features the same legal crap that we all know by heart by now. Yea, it says something about not sniffing Fresh Vinyl, your health Squishy Soft procedures. See…crap!

 photo IMG_5529.jpg

Here is what Godzilla looks like packaged inside the box. This is exactly what you will see after cutting the tape and opening up the box!  Godzilla is safely secured with twist ties around the neck and ankles. X-Plus went an extra step to make sure extra care was taken with the packaging by placing plastic inserts between the dorsal plates. The plastic insert will prevent the dorsal plates from sagging or warping during shipping. Good thinking X-Plus!  The tail is in two pieces. Once the tail has been removed, you will need to bust out your hair dryer to perform the Squishy Soft procedure to put the tail on. Placed under the tail is the battery pack which will power on the light up feature, the dorsal plates!  Godzilla also features the traditional plastic gloves and slippers that will need to be taken off once out of the plastic housing.  
 photo IMG_5532.jpg

Godzilla 1989, the definite, superior 30cm Godzilla in the X-Plus line up! The figure is just beautiful! Yuji Sakai is truly a master at what he does. I have been a fan of his work for about eight years now and this is the first large piece I own of his work.  Back in the mid 2000’s, Bandai and Yuji Sakai worked together to release multiple sets in the Godzilla Appearance Sets.  These appearance sets were small candy toys all sculpted by Yuji Sakai. The Appearance sets were my first exposure to Yuji Sakai and ever since then I craved more work by him but I never knew where to turn.  Yuji Sakai is well known as a kit builder, both resin and soft vinyl kits, but…hey, I am no kit builder. So when I first heard about this Yuji Sakai X-Plus figure, yea, I was super excited!

Now, one thing to take note of, this figure is actually a mold from a resin model kit. When a resin figure is transferred to a vinyl figure, there is a bit of shrinkage due to the molding process. So even though this figure is listed as part of the 30cm scale, Godzilla stands a little shorter than a true 30cm figure. Godzilla’s height clocks in at 28cm, yea he is a shorty. This figure joins the ranks of the short 30cm figures, Godzilla 84, Godzilla 68 and Godzilla 2004. The height is not a big downfall to be honest. The figure is just beautiful from head to toe.  Every little piece of detail in this figure is represented true to the suit. Every little bump and crevice from the chest to the dorsal plates. Now mind you, this figure is very different from the previously released 30cm Godzilla 89 in the X-Plus line up. I do not have that figure at the time of this writing…NOT YET. Once I obtain that figure via Diamond Distributors, I will be updating this review with comparison photos.  Ok, enough rambling…lets go look at this bad ass!

 photo IMG_5605.jpg

 photo IMG_5607.jpg

 photo IMG_5617.jpg

 photo IMG_5618.jpg

Isn’t this figure just glorious. I love the way the face is sculpted. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about this sculpt. The face stands outs really well. They eyes are just beaming forward and not to mention, the eyes are painted very well.  Such a small area of the figure yet the eyes pack a large punch to them.  The snout, head and neck are all sculpted amazingly.  I really love the way the neck is sculpted and how it works its way down to the muscular chest.  Godzilla also has pretty well defined shoulders and those are captured very true to the suit.

 photo IMG_5623.jpg

Not every X-Plus figure is a grand slam and nor do I expect every figure to be one.  This Godzilla has a couple of flaw but honestly, they are not deal breakers at all. The first one we will talk about here is the teeth. The teeth are no sculpted well at all. I am guessing this is because how the figure was molded from the resin mold. I guess we can say it is like this figure was kind of like a recast from the resin sculpt.  So when the vinyl molding process was taking place, the teeth lost 75% of the detail that can be found on the resin kit.  This is a let down because Godzilla’s face is the money maker here. Man, just thinking about how well the face would be defined by sharp teeth just looks amazing with the visual in my mind.  Still, this is not a deal breaker. If you are handy sculptsman, you may be able to fix the teeth with time and patience. Not every can Dopkoize there figures so it may be best to just leave it alone if you do not know how to sculpt and repaint vinyl! Anyway, take a look for yourself. Leave a comment below to discuss your opinions on the teeth.

 photo IMG_5634.jpg

 photo IMG_5636.jpg

Now, sure the teeth are not the prettiest thing we have seen. A lot of us questioned “Why could X-Plus not do the teeth like the Gigantic Burning Godzilla?”. Many of the other X-Plus figures have individually sculpted teeth and that method proves much more detailed. At this point, it is what it is. Other fine details about the mouth are the roof of the mouth. There are many groves and valley’s on the top and they are very detailed. All of the X-Plus figures do not spare any detail in this area so next time you have an X-Plus figure in hand, take a look at the top of the mouth. Yea, even the simplest areas of detail on these figures amaze me. The colors are vibrantly coated with red’s and dark reds giving a complete life like mouth. The paint is even glossy to give the gums and inner mouth a saliva look to it all.

 photo IMG_5641.jpg

One defining, of the many, of this Godzilla design is the muscularity of the body. Godzilla’s chest is big! Again, this is all seen on the suit in the film and it is easily replicated here on this X-Plus figure. Sure, lots of fans say that the Heisei Godzilla is on the chubby side but don’t ever count him out for packing a punch. The chest looks really awesome. I love how it is sculpted with defined pecks, so to speak. Godzilla’s shoulders are pretty well defined too, I would say his shoulders are broad which then helps compliment his neck. Just simple stunning. All the skin and scales are also sculpted to match the traditional tree bark style and there is plenty of depth and detail to see within Godzilla’s hide.

 photo IMG_5661.jpg


The fingers nails are painted bone white and shaded up with charcoal gray at the base of the nails. I have said it in past reviews, I love how X-Plus shades certain areas of their figures. The finger nails could have been simply painted one color but there is a lot of care put into the smallest areas. Taking the extra care in this area gives a good sense of depth to the figure. Its not just a flat color, Godzilla’s nails look like they are really growing from the finger tips. Just stunning looking.

 photo IMG_5658.jpg

 photo IMG_5659.jpg


Godzilla’s legs meet the more typical look of the Heisei design as we grew to know throughout the 90’s. The thighs appear to be big, giving the sense of chubbiness. Honestly I never thought anything about any such chubbiness until the last year or so while in discussion with other fan’s. There was much talk about the Godzilla 2014 design being a fatty and then comparison with the Japanese design being big boned too. Honestly…who cares!? I think this Bio-Goji design looks damn fine and to the nay sayers, get over it!
The toe nails are painted in the same fashion as the finger nails. The nails are painted bone white and then again faded up with grays to meet up with the skin. Aside from the paint job, the toe nails are sculpted very well. Lots of well defined sharpness to them. The feet look good too. Please take notice that the legs are also positioned to have Godzilla in mid step. I really like how this was done, but there is a small hiccup that we will address later.

 photo IMG_5660.jpg

The dorsal plates are sculpted simply beautiful! Go watch Godzilla Vs. Biollante and you will see that these dorsal plates are near identical to that of the actual suit. X-Plus put in extra hours to make sure the detail was near exact to the suit. I think they nailed every nook and cranny that the suit had to offer. The center of the dorsal plates features grey skin tones along with bumps and groves. I really can’t stop staring at this figure everything is beautiful about it. The detail is really captivating from every tip of the spines right down to the curvature of each plate.

The dorsal plates are not fully painted. This is the RIC Boy light up version, so the dorsal plates need to retain some translucency within the vinyl to let light emit from the inside of the figure. The way the dorsal plates are stylized and painted does not ruin the look at all. I have been weary of the translucent dorsal plates because of just that, the translucency. Overall, I prefer fully painted dorsal plates but these look just fine the way they are!

 photo IMG_5676.jpg


As we work our way down the back to the tail, you will see a slight difference in the dorsal plates. The plates on the back are translucent to let light emit through them. Once we get to the tail, the plates are now fully painted. You can see the difference clearly from translucent to painted. The translucent plates are a bit whiter while the fully painted ones are more bone white.
As for seams, which there are not many here, the tail presents the only seams I can find. The obvious seams are where you need to attache the tail to the main body. There is a second and third seam further down the tail as well. So, why the seams, right?! Go back to the picture of the figure still in the packaging and you will see the tail is detached from the figure and in two pieces. The tail was shipped like this because the tail is really long when attached and it would impossible to ship Godzilla with the tail attached. All in all, the seams are not that bad. This is something we have became used with X-Plus so the seams do not bother me at all, especially when it comes to the tail.

 photo IMG_5644.jpg

 photo IMG_5645.jpg

 photo IMG_5646.jpg

 photo IMG_5647.jpg

The RIC Boy feature is the light up effect. As of November 2014, the light up gimmick has been going on for well over a year and a half now. A lot of X-Plus addicts are growing tired of the gimmick as of recent but out of left field we get a worthy light up gimmick that after many previous mediocre releases. This light up gimmick is my second favorite, right behind the RIC Boy 1964 Mosu-Goji 30cm figure. The idea with the light up gimmick appears to give off the look of when Godzilla is charging up his atomic breath right before emitting it. The look comes off really well and it is very authentic to what we saw on film. Godzilla’s dorsal plates lit up white in the film so those  collectors wishing for blue LED light to emit inside the dorsal plates will be sorely disappointed.

 photo IMG_5559.jpg

 photo IMG_5560.jpg

 photo IMG_5566.jpg

 photo IMG_5568.jpg

 photo IMG_5569.jpg

One feature X-Plus added which is a welcome addition is the scaly plug to cover up the receptacle input for the battery pack.  Some fans that purchased the RIC Boy figures in the past did not like the visible plug hole on the back of the legs as it proved distracting and took away from the look of the Kaiju. X-Plus worked up this nice idea of a cover that helps hide the hole by sculpting the plug to look like Godzilla’s skin. Be careful though, the plug cover is small and it could easily be lost if not kept in a safe place when not plugged up. The cover simply plugs into place by a small vinyl notch that helps keep it in place. Well done.
 photo IMG_5656.jpg

 photo IMG_5654.jpg

 photo IMG_5652.jpg

This is the bottom of the foot. There is some markings sculpted into the vinyl and I am not exactly sure what they mean. The bigger question on my mind is are the numers and markings the same on every figure that was released. I will do some research and up date this after I can get some more concrete eveidence. If the markings are the same on everyone’s Yuji Sakai figure then that tells me the markings were on the resin sculpt that was used to mold the vinyl sculpt. Either way, nothing major and just something I took notice too.
 photo IMG_5678.jpg

Now, one other problem with this figure, albiet it is not that big of a problem, but to a trained eye, this Godzilla figure does not stand the way it was intended to stand. The tail is supposed to remain eleveated. Bust because of the weight of the tail, the tail rests on its base, your shelf or display unit that is. In the resin version, there is enough weight throughout the figure to maintain its intended stance but that is not the case here. If you look closely at the pictures below, you can see how the tail effects the feet. Godzilla’s left foot is pulled back a little bit and resting on the heel ever so slightly, also raising the toes a bit. This is not that distracting but this is something that many of us noticed right off the bat. A simple fix to this would to place something under the tail to elevate the tail up a bit. Again, not a big deal.

 photo IMG_5630.jpg photo IMG_5631.jpg

Final Thoughts!!! Ok so, I really love this figure! On the Fresh Vinyl Scale of FRESHNESS, I certify this figure is FRESH! The sculpt and detail is beautiful. The pain job is top notch! I really can’t stop looking at this figure. It definitley commands your attention so make sure you display this guy somewhere where it can be seen. It is really beautiful. The RIC Boy feature with the light up dorsal plates rocks! Remeber, the white emitting dorsal plates are accurate! Sure, a few minor, very minor hiccups but they are just that, minor. If you ask me, this is the not last Yuji Sakai X-Plus figure we are going to see. I cant imagine X-Plus only doing just one so I am sure we are going to see more turn out later down the road! Ok, that is all I have! Leave a comment and be sure to check out my video review here:



4 thoughts on “Yuji Sakai Godzilla 89

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  2. Oh baby baby smack my self silly this figure has to be crowned as the supreme king of the 30cm class so far. You really cant give enough credit to this figure until you have it in your sweaty hands it is simply beautiful. And this is not even my favorite Godzilla. Unlike others I love the box art! The older boxes are simply way to generic I never did like them that much. The paint on the toes and claws do look to be the best I have seen to this date. Teeth wise I don’t I have any problem with I think they look just fine mine seems to look a bit better than yours. Figure to figure results most certainly will vary. A good example would be my 54 figure showed up with no paint at all on the teeth a real bummer. Get up off the couch guys break open that crusty wallet a get this one pronto before their gone! Standard or ric boy you cant go wrong.

  3. I’m really hoping the next figure in the X-Plus Sakai line will be this bad boy…

    …Although, a ’74/’75 with proper lip sculpt would be nice too.

    Can’t wait to see your video review!

  4. This figure truly is incredible. I finally joined the big boy club and started collecting X-Plus and this is the second figure that I have received. The Bio-Goji suit is my absolute favorite so I couldn’t be more pleased with this being the first Yuji Sakai release by x-plus, and I can not wait to get the Diamond re-issue of the first 89 they released. I got the standard and the markings on the feet you were curious about are the exact same on mine, so it must have been a part of the mold. as for the teeth they really don’t bother me, I mean the are so damn small that I was not terribly surprised at how rounded they are I mean it can’t have been that easy for x-plus to make them as good as they are. I was also curious if the middle seam on the tail twists a little on everyone’s because no one seems to mention it, and it looks like it is suppose to but it didn’t twist until I was heating it up to put the last tail section on. and like I said I am new to X-Plus so I don’t know if other figures do that as well.

    love the review and can’t wait to see the video.

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